Russell Brothers City Tours is a fun way for people to enjoy the sights and the history of the city of Detroit. The Motor City is home to many “First” in regards to many things in the United States of America. Including the first paved road., the first freeway, the first jazz club and many many more. Russell Brothers City Tours will take you to these places and many more.

Our bus tours also include seeing the largest home in the city and the smallest homes. Of course, a trip to Detroit wouldn’t be right without visiting Motown. We also show you where many of the Motown artists lived here in Detroit. We also ride by many of the entertainment locations of the past and the present.

We drive you through historic neighborhoods here in the city. Places like Palmer Woods, BostonEdison, Mid-Town and Cork Town just to name a few.

There are many places that we like to drive people by that we call surprise stops. There is nothing better than giving people the “WOW” factor when riding through Detroit.Russell Brothers City Tours was started in 2018.

Greg Russell was ready to start it in the spring of that year with his brother Cliff Russell. Unfortunately, Cliff passed away in February 2018. That only made Greg more determined to wanna get this company off the ground because of the love that he and his brother always had for the city of Detroit. Since then the company has given hundreds of tours for many family groups and businesses in and around metro Detroit. Climb on board and let us show you the city like you’ve never seen before. Russell Brothers City Tours is ready to take you away.